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​Hearing Loop Installations

We design every loop installation to meet or exceed the latest international standards. We use equipment that is made in West Michigan that carries the longest warranty available in the industry. We have 9 years of experience designing and installing systems in churches, temples, theaters, meeting rooms, class rooms, nearly anywhere you can imagine benefiting from an assistive device.

 We are a service connected disabled veteran Christian owned company and will make every decision with that core value set in mind.

Why us?

Why Hearing Loops?

Loop systems are preferred by the users. Because the system works with the T-Coil (Tele-Coil) equipped hearing aid the user is able to enjoy sound reproduction to their greatest ability to hear. It is a private inconspicuous experience. There are no hygiene concerns. The ADA now states that when a loop system is installed the facility may have fewer headsets, less to maintain. There is no limit to the number of concurrent users.

American Loop Services, llc. hearing loop installations

hearingloop installations in Detroit

​American Loop Services, LLC. hearing assistance