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Getting a quote

What we need

With the following information we can provide you with a proposal for your loop project:

Describe the area in as great a detail as possible

1. Square footage and linear dimensions. Shape of the area if not a traditional rectangle

2. Floor covering. (Carpet, tile, wood, bare concrete, etc.) Is it the same all over?

3. Location of the sound equipment? Or proposed location for our loop driver? We need 4 rack spaces per amplifier.

4. Building construction type? Concrete? Brick? Specifically the floor?

5. Is there a basement or crawl space? If yes, is it finished? Drop ceiling? 

​6. What is the height of the ceiling? Are there troughs along the side? if so what is their height?

​7. Is the seating fixed or removable? 

8. What type of music is played? Traditional or contemporary?

9. Is there a balcony and does it need looped?

Digital pictures or video are a great help.

Information may be emailed to: 

  or just give us a call at 231-955-3636